Best commercial fitness equipment europe

2 hand TOP equipment


An offer for the most demanding customers who buy new models of machines from the most famous brands

– machines of this quality and brand at this moment are not to be found on the second-hand market of commercial fitness equipment

– Technogym Selection Pro latest line (black machines with metal armor)

– the next option to buy these machines, which we offer, is to buy NEW and get the SAME (identical PRO line, machine condition… all the same, just pay for them 3.5 times more)

I ask those interested to read the entire text and explanations

LOCATIONS and DATES of loading:

– the machines are delivered DIRECTLY from the most prestigious German chains of fitness clubs, they are not delivered to the warehouse

– 21 and 22. 08.23 ROSTOK

– 11 and 12. 09.23 CHEMNITZ

IMPORTANT: the same offer will continue in the following months, and due to the attractiveness of the goods and interest, it is necessary to reserve the desired quantity for yourself in time

PRICES: machines with integrated weights 1,250e, leg press 1,450e, cross over 1,500e, benches 300e, stairs 2,800e..

FitX_CH_11092023-1 (klick for download komplet preis list)

– I can send you complete price lists in excel upon your request to phone number. 00381642288117


– at each position on the list there are about 200 pieces of the highest quality equipment (see gallery) and all machines are in 4 or more identical pieces, so it is possible to form more sets

– buyers who take a larger quantity of machines have priority, the buyer for the entire position (about 5 trucks 15m lang) gets a 15% discount on the total amount from the list

– we do not sell individual pieces, but exclusively complete packages of 25 machines or a minimum of 10

– the buyer organizes the transport to his destination