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Large quantities of the best used fitness equipment

The most important characteristic of used commercial fitness equipment trade in the outside European countries can be summed up in a simple sentence: „THE PREVALENCE OF OUTDATED, POOR QUALITY EQUIPMENT AT INFLATED PRICES“, meaning that there is actually too big a discrepancy between equipment price and quality in comparison to the European market.





Cause and solution

There is a simple reason for this and it lies, solely, in the INERTIA of our people and fitness equipment buyers. The solution is to shift to the west and buying equipment from the source, first hand – directly from Western European clubs or from serious German companies engaged in the professional fitness of second-hand equipment.

Business idea

There has always been and there will always be skilled traders or middlemen who will be all to happy to fill this vacuum, a void in the market, and charge dearly other people’s lack of resourcefulness and an inertia. This observation, and subsequent analysis and experience gave birth to a business idea which quickly proved successful. It consists of a making a simple connection between our customer and fitness equipment sellers from the European market. The end result is simple – for substantially less money you get equipment of much higher quality.

Modus operandi, mode of operation and cooperation

  • Dealing exclusively with the owners of several serious and renowned German companies
  • The insistence on my part on the lowest price possible and acceptance of competitive prices only
  • My minimum fee is PAID BY THE SELLER, sometimes in order to maintain the seriousness of the system, customer satisfaction there may be willingness to relinquish any commissions or accept only symbolic amount, but you as a customer do not have any obligations towards me, and you are to accept the offer only when it is clearly to your best advantage than any other previously sought
  • The equipment is not being disposed of because it is out of order and not intended for further use (but resold here and advertised in superlatives, as in perfect condition with false guarantees), and transported here from Poland or God knows where else. It is bought from fitness clubs in Germany or Switzerland where it being used until the day of loading where it has been maintained and checked by their standards.
  • The date of the transport, when buying directly from the clubs, is fixed and visible date, PAY ATTENTION TO THAT. The sale of the equipment is advertised up to a several months before the arrival of the new equipment, and the old one is to be taken out of the gym the day before the new equipment arrives so that the club members can use it without interruption.
  • The basic rule of any successful purchase is a direct purchase, skipping all intermediaries and that’s what I have to offer: best deals, firsthand deals with minimum provision (which is, again, paid by the seller)…

You have seen or opted for one of our packages, so, what is next and where to go from there?

Based on the photos, lists, descriptions and prices, you recognized a bargain offer and decided to purchase.

  1. Firstly, a check
    Used Gym Equipment, second hand fitness equipment, technogym, life fitness, used gym equipment in germany, used gym equipment europe
    It has to be checked whether the equipment package is still available and for sale because the same equipment is offered and sold, not just on our market, but in several other continents as well. If you recognize a good opportunity – the advice is not to waste time because others want the same as you – a favorable ratio between price and equipment quality and quantity.
    It is not rare that the second request from a hesitant customer results in realization that the equipment is not listed for sale any more – it has been sold, and then the frustration set sin and the questions how, why, when will it be available again …
    Another piece of advice based on experience is that you plan to purchase the equipment in time, that is, several months before the opening of your gym because the equipment considered to be optimal solution cannot be obtained at the last minute.
  2. Then, making a deal
    Negotiating the deal with the owner of the fitness club that is selling equipment or with the owner of the company that has equipment stored (these are your purchase options: you either buy the equipment directly from the fitness club or from the stocks of fitness machines and equipment in Germany stock the German stock who trade machines for gyms). You check the machines and the equipment and make down payment, then you get all the necessary information about the terms of removal, and removal dates. It sometimes happens, due to various reasons, that people want to buy and actually do buy equipment without looking at it first, which is something I do not recommend, because face to face contact and personal presence is a much better start and it is the safest way to prevent all the possible subsequent misunderstandings and difficulties.
  3. And, finally, You are the owner … Good luck!
    Everything else is simple, invoice, forwarding agent, transportation … and you are the owner of fitness machines and equipment that will become reliable tool which will not burden your very beginning with excessive prices and poor quality. Good luck!




The best offer of used fitness equipment in the Europe;


Important notice for BUYERS OF LARGER QUANTITIES of TOP machines from the German market


– from now on DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR, a regular offer of the highest quality machines, in the required or desired set or composition of machines, at the best price –

1) Top quality, from the highest quality German source of used fitness machines

– from the PREMIUM SPA fitness chain

2) Top price (see the photo, enlarge it so you can read the table)

3) Organized loading by experts from the German fitness equipment service

4) Arrangement of all necessary export documents

5) On time, one month in advance, all necessary information to the customer

– lists of machines,

– photos,

– upon request, arrange an appointment for viewing the car in the club (where it is located and used until the date specified below)


Minimum purchase quantity approx. 25 machines or sleeper 15.5m,


Special discount for sellers or those who buy complete machines from a club that is emptying


Guaranteed the highest quality of used fitness machines at the most favorable prices (not for the seller, but at the most favorable prices for you, the customer – to be precise)


– most sales are realized by sending offers DIRECTLY to already known customers without advertising


– so get in touch ON TIME (and a few months before is not too early) with your needs, so you will be at an important source of necessary information for you



contact for all information 00381642288117



Used Gym Equipment, second hand fitness equipment, technogym, life fitness, used gym equipment in germany, used gym equipment europe