The best offer of used fitness equipment in the Europe;

Important notice for BUYERS OF LARGER QUANTITIES of TOP machines from the German market
– from now on DURING THE ENTIRE YEAR, a regular offer of the highest quality machines, in the required or desired set or composition of machines, at the best price –
1) Top quality, from the highest quality German source of used fitness machines
– from the PREMIUM SPA fitness chain
2) Top price (see the photo, enlarge it so you can read the table)
3) Organized loading by experts from the German fitness equipment service
4) Arrangement of all necessary export documents
5) On time, one month in advance, all necessary information to the customer
– lists of machines,
– photos,
– upon request, arrange an appointment for viewing the car in the club (where it is located and used until the date specified below)

Minimum purchase quantity approx. 25 machines or sleeper 15.5m,

Special discount for sellers or those who buy complete machines from a club that is emptying
Guaranteed the highest quality of used fitness machines at the most favorable prices (not for the seller, but at the most favorable prices for you, the customer – to be precise)
– most sales are realized by sending offers DIRECTLY to already known customers without advertising
– so get in touch ON TIME (and a few months before is not too early) with your needs, so you will be at an important source of necessary information for you